Integrated Management Systems Certification Body "InfoSert"

Integrated Management Systems Certification Body "InfoSert" is accredited within Voluntary Certification Management System. Management System Register" and is a department of "CC Svyaz-sertificat" ANO.

Accreditation certificate of Certification Body is № РОСС RU.0001.13ФК07.
Integrated Management System Certification Body "InfoSert" performs management system certification for compliance with the requirements of following standards:
    • GOST ISO 9001-2015 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements";
    • GOST R ISO 14001-2016 "Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for use";
    • GOST R 54934-2012/OHSAS 18001:2007 "Occupational health and safety management systems";
    • GOST R ISO/IEC 27001-2006 "Security techniques. Information security management systems. Requirements"
    "CC Svyaz-sertificat" ANO is recognized as competent certification body of management system in:
    • Noncommercial partnership "Self-regulating organization "Association of gas and oil complex builders" (NP "SRO OSGiNK");
    Proceeding from certification results applicants of Certification Body can obtain certificates of management system conformity within "Voluntary Certification Management System. Management System Register".
    Additional opportunity for applicants of IMC CB "InfoSert" is a certification audit in order to obtain certificate of conformity within "Voluntary Certification Management System. Management System Register" and certificate of conformity of foreign certification body "Afnor" or "PCBC". The audit shall be carried out by accredited experts of IMC CB "InfoSert". Proceeding from the successful results of the audit applicants can obtain 3 certificates of conformity:
    • Certificate of QMS conformity within "Voluntary Certification Management System. Management System Register",
    • Certificate of QMS conformity of foreign certification body;
    • Certificate of QMS conformity within IQNet

    Management system certification can be combined with certification within Russian certification systems such as GOST R, Management System Register – joint audit.

    Joint audit allows:

      • to reduce expenses for certification;
      • to optimize certification procedure, in terms of reducing time and human resources of the company. Certification within several certification systems is carried out by one certification commission in one visit;
      • to obtain certificates of conformity required for company's commercial activity.
      IMS CB "InfoSert" provides services in auditing and certification of each management system, as well as getting more popular comprehensive audit – audit of two or more management systems for different aspects (e.g. quality, environment, labor protection) of the company to certify integrated management system. Integrated management system (IMS) is a complex of two or more management systems, organized and operating in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards implemented in documentation and principles of company's management.

      To comply with market and legal requirements, worldwide and Russian leading companies implement several managements systems more and more actively, based on requirements of following standards: ISO 9001-2011 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and ISO 27001 (Information Security System).

      Quality Management System, developed, implemented and certified at the company, is an effective tool to optimize business processes, to reduce costs and expenses in the products development and production, to increase products quality etc.

      Environmental Management System allows to minimize risks of environmental incidents and costs of its liquidation, to ensure a favorable environmental situation at the company, to improve its investment potential. After its implementation, the company gets tools at its disposal optimizing all processes related to environmental security, evaluating actual and potential risks, developing schemes to improve environmental security at the company, production and operation efficiency as well.

      Occupational Health and Safety Management System, developed and implemented at the company allows to detect occupational hazards, to evaluate risks of employees' death and injury, to develop and implement efficient measures to reduce them. Companies obtained OHSAS18001 certificate can count on simplified procedure of insurance contract signing, effective cooperation with foreign companies for production modernization, investment potential and competiveness increasing not only on the goods and service market, but also on the labor force market.

      According to ISO 27001 requirements the main objective of Information Security System is the prevention of accidents, causing damage to business with effective reduction of internal and external, intentional and unintentional threats. International Standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (ISO 27001) is recognized as the best world's practice in the field of information security management. It determines requirements to Information Security System for demonstration the company's ability to protect its information resources. This standard defines information security as "preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information".

      The rich experience of experts of Integrated Management System Certification Body "InfoSert" allows to perform audit adding value to the company and aimed at improving of management system.
      Certificate of Conformity is issued to companies that need a significant competitive advantage on the market, permanent development and unlimited trust of actual and prospective customers as well.

      Specialists of the Integrated Management System Certification Body "InfoSert" will be glad to help you to understand all details of management system certification, offer competent advice and carry out works on conformity assessment.

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