Testing of communication and IT-equipment
Experts of the Testing Laboratory carry out work on testing communication facilities and checking the manufacturer's ability to issue communication facilities that meet the established requirements during the validity period of the certificate of conformity.

The Testing Laboratory "ERA" has the most modern equipment and measuring instruments produced by leading Russian and foreign companies. This equipment allows you to simulate the corresponding fragments of the telecommunication network based on the latest technologies and standards and to measure the parameters of the telecommunication devices under test.

TL "ERA" was established in 2000, is a structural subdivision of "Certification Center Svyaz-sertificat" ANO and is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service, which is confirmed by the accreditation certificate No. RA.RU.22CC05.
For certification

Equipment for switching and routing information packets
Base stations and repeaters of radio access networks
Equipment, software that ensures the implementation of established actions during operational search activities
Radio access equipment (radio access points)
For declaration

Subscriber radio stations with analog modulation of mobile radio networks
Adding devices
Subscriber radio stations (terminals) of mobile radiotelephone networks (GSM / UMTS / LTE)
Terminal equipment of radio access networks (WiFi, Bluetooth)
Antenna amplifiers for mobile radiotelephone networks
Subscriber access transmission systems equipment
Equipment implementing frame switching technologies
Intelligent communication network equipment
Terminal equipment connected to a two-wire analog interface of the public telephone network
Communication means for the transmission of voice and video information over data transmission networks
Computer telephony interface cards connected to PSTN
Terminal equipment performing the functions of switching systems
Antennas and feeder devices
Communication power supply equipment
Communication means used to provide access to information of information and telecommunication networks, transmission of messages by e-mail and facsimile messages
Folding devices (combiners / splitters)
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