Product conformity assessment to TR CU 018/2011

Vehicle type approval (chassis type approval) is a document certifying the conformity of vehicles (chassis), assigned to one type, with the requirements of TR CU 018/2011, and allowing free circulation of products in the territory of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic Belarus, Republic of Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic).
    Conformity assessment of a vehicle (chassis) is carried out by the Certification Body in the form of "type approval" to the requirements of the technical regulation established in relation to the type of vehicle (chassis).
      An applicant for assessing the conformity of a vehicle (chassis) is a manufacturer of products or a person authorized by the manufacturer in the territory of the countries of the Customs Union.
        The manufacturer or the manufacturer's representative (person authorized by the manufacturer) after completion of the confirmation of conformity and receipt of VTA/CTA:
        puts a single sign of product circulation on the market of the Member States of the Customs Union
        includes VTA / CTA in a set of documents that confirms the conformity of products
        The validity period of VTA / CTA for mass-produced products is not more than 3 years,
        validity period is not set for a production batch.
        The experts of the Certification Body will be pleased to help you understand the issues of conformity assessment of products, provide qualified advice and carry out work to confirm compliance.
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